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How ESVIA Helps You Deal With Vice and Narcotics Crime

Networking with our members will keep you up to date on newdevelopments in the field of vice and narcotics investigation.

Always, the emphasis is on those issues and items that will help you do your job even better than you do now. One section,

by the ESVIA Legal Advisor, deals entirely with pertinent legal issues in complete detail.

The Training Division conducts annual training conferences for ESVIA members.  In addition, classes are led by Instructors from federal, state and local agencies with various fields of experience.  

In the future, our Training Coordinators will hold training sessions periodically for ESVIA members within their assigned areas.

These intensive sessions will be specifically designed to solve local issues.

Most Importantly, in furtherance of your investigations, connect you with other members in the United States and/or Canada.